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Import/Export of record services

SC «ILS» offers low cost solutions for companies which don’t have a direct present in Ukraine but would like to expand into new market and sell (distribute) their goods in our country. As your IOR/EOR service provider SC «ILS» acts as your company’s in-country legal entity to arrange importation of goods with providing following related services

Our advantages:

  • act as an importer / exporter for customs purposes at the time of import / export,
  • be responsible for Customs, Tax and other regulatory authorities,
  • prepare documentation for import/export goods,
  • the control all stages of cargo transportation – loading, delivery, insurance and execution of shipping documents, certification and customs clearance. We will promptly solve any issues related to your cargo delivery,
  • a set of solutions on warehousing, safe custody of goods, their warehouse processing, and rent of warehouses at logistics terminal in various regions of Ukraine,
  • distribution of goods


Тел.: +38 (050)-316 54 10

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